Whether on a stage or seated around a table with others, Brian draws on his varied interests, experiences, and scholarly expertise to share compelling messages through stories.



Thanks to his years in student affairs and as a faculty member, Brian has developed a style of speaking that is engaging and thought-provoking. Through his use of humor and storytelling, Brian shares information grounded in current research. Brian works to make every speaking engagement personalized to the audience, making it relevant to the culture of the organization and local setting.

When delivering a keynote or similar lecture-style session, Brian looks for opportunities to connect with participants through humor and storytelling, especially in the absence of direct interaction. Brian’s key to this approach is not to limit his stories to his own lived experience; he pulls from interactions he’s had with colleagues over the years.

Interested in booking Brian?

Brian draws on his experience and expertise in higher education to provide engaging keynotes and interactive sessions. He’s also available for consulting when you need an outside perspective to help plan assessment approaches. You can book Brian now to come to your campus or conference event!

In discussion-style sessions, Brian relies on his core approach to classroom teaching, which has been described as semi-Socratic. Through this approach, Brian poses thought-provoking questions to the group, and draws on participant responses to share insights, and then frame further questions. By asking series of increasingly complex questions, Brian helps advance the group from lower-order to higher-order thinking.

Blend of humor, insight and knowledge

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Challenging and thoughtful, Brian knows how to deftly blend humor, insight and knowledge into any topic. As a featured speaker at the National Association for Campus Activities National Convention in 2015, Brian was able to inspire and entertain grad students and professionals alike. You’ll certainly learn something new from him, and you’ll probably enjoy it in the process.

Jason Meier
Director Student Engagement and Leadership, Emerson College, and National Volunteer Development Coordinator, NACA