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Whiteness: What is Dominant in PWIs

I previously published a version of this post on LinkedIn. When we talk about whiteness, we often center individual White people as the space where work needs to be done. We call upon Whites to critically examine their own beliefs, biases, and prejudices. We embrace an ideology that suggests if...

Protesting Oppression While Not Oppressed

Oppression is a topic that doesn't get the attention it should in our society. We treat oppression as a vestige of the past that we shed long ago. If we do acknowledge the modern day presence of oppression, we discuss it in very compartmentalized ways. Someone who is read as...

Beginning to explore my curiosity

Welcome to the blog at! I begin this blog, along with my website and podcast, as part of an overall effort to connect with more people in student affairs and higher education. These online spaces serve as my lab for engaging my curiosity. As I share on my new...

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