In this paper, the authors discuss the recent findings of moral judgment development researchers that point to a decline in Postconventional moral reasoning and an increase in Personal Interest moral reasoning among college students. Considered alongside these findings are the reported proliferation in narcissism and an increasingly external locus of control in today’s adolescents and young adults, known as the Millennial Generation. To better understand this phenomenon, data concerning moral judgment development, narcissism, autonomy, and civic behaviors were collected from 169 undergraduate students ages 18-29. The data showed that narcissism related to some civic engagement behaviors but did not correlate with moral judgment development. In addition, autonomy predicted moral judgment development, with higher levels of autonomy corresponding to lower moral judgment development scores. The authors offer suggestions for collegiate faculty and staff to increase Postconventional moral reasoning and inhibit self-focused thinking. Written with H. Mechler. Journal of Organizational Moral Psychology, 2(1), 27-38.